Human Trafficking and the Airports: Modus

The government’s efforts curbing trafficking in persons has recently been praised much that a few may have winded into the side burner some greasy elements of the crime. Latest modus operandi, for example. Here are some:

1. Use of domestic area of a terminal

There has been a recent bold act by a facilitator to exploit a security breach of a passenger airport terminal, a security soft spot, at the very least. Victims were instructed to use the domestic area of an international airport to gain access to the international passenger pre-boarding area. They were given both international and domestic airline tickets to gain access to both areas. They checked in with their international flight using the international air ticket and their genuine passports. Then they checked in with their domestic flight using their domestic air ticket and fraudulent identification cards and waited at the domestic pre-boarding area after intentionally losing (to the loo!) their domestic flight documents.

Waiting for what? Ask you may. Ostensibly waiting for the domestic flight, and warily waiting for the international flight! When the boarding gate opens for the domestic flight, they ooze out of the domestic area into the international area!

What about immigration formalities you might ask? Apparently the facilitator has a roving immigration service outside the terminal that the victims can avail of, for a fee of course, that features a fraudulent border stamp! Brilliant! ain’t it? Skip real immigration, and create your own!

This modus is only possible with a shot, or two, of a nincompoop of a boarding gate guard! Or not?

2. (next post. whew!)


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