A Starbucks Story: Cinnamon Rolls for Kisses

Here’s one.
He’s about 6 years old. A little taller than most kids his age. He’s fair-skinned and has narrow thin lips. He favors wearing a pair of brown Sanuk, cargo short pants, and tees with naughty prints like, “I did not do it, eat him!” and “Watch out, little rascal here.”
He is noisy. He’s trilingual. He speaks English, Filipino, and another mysterious language. The latter is inaudible and completely alien but definitely comprehensible. It’s his hugs, kisses, and tantrums. It’s his good nights and hello-you’re-backs; his I love yous before retiring for the night; his begging for his turn to use the laptop for his Ben10 online games; his smiles for sitting on the driver’s seat on his make-believe car racing. It’s his missing two front teeth while telling a story about how he folded his Foldabots. It’s his reading K-Zone magazine and profusely laughing at the silly cartoons in it. It’s his mysterious laughs over a piece of booger at the tip of his point finger while threatening you with it. It’s his saying,”But I said please, double please.”, while crying for having been told he cannot have the $400 Lego Star Wars toy that he saw online. It’s his tears on his pink cheeks whenever you lose your cool in front of him. Then you feel really sorry for having done so.
It’s his saying, “Don’t forget my Cinnamon Roll and hot chocolate from Starbucks, please.” If you have ever shared these joys then you know what is not written here.
He wakes up at 2:00 am at the mere scent of his Cinnamon Roll. He thanks for it and goes back to sleep smiling. He will say, with eyes already closed and arms around his second pillow, “Thank you for my Cinnamon Roll, I love you. Good night.”  Then he kisses you.
When he has the chance, he goes to Starbucks for his Cinnamon Roll. “May I have my Cinnamon Roll, please. To go.” It’s always to go even though he would eat it in the store with two legs up his chair. In a while, he will be talking with the stranger nearest him while eating his Cinnamon Roll from the center first. He will talk about how to slain a bad robot in Cartoon Network’s Generator Rex.
The Cinnamon Roll’s crumbs will fall everywhere and will be all over his face. He will spill his hot chocolate and say, “Oooppss! Sorry.” The crumbs and spilled choco drink will be all over the place just like he’s all over your life. He does not like his Cinnamon Roll hot but will always say yes every time the barista would ask if it will be warmed. His presence is heartwarming. He will never get enough of his Cinnamon Roll and you will never get enough of him.
He will hug you for every Cinnamon Roll. His tiny arms will be around you. It will be followed by wet and cold kisses to your cheeks. The kiss may dry up and be gone but they will always stay. You will always remember the exact spot where they landed. Feeling these spots when you’re alone makes you smile to your self. The spots will have sugar and cinnamon powder. There’s that mysterious language in his kisses. He need not say anything but he is perfectly understood. Sometimes he would say, “Thank God for Cinnamon Rolls.” Thank God. Really.
Hope that life could be as joyful as Cinnamon Rolls for kisses. This little boy has a lot to teach. May he never grow old in spirit. May his kisses be forever lasting. May he never grow tired of his Starbucks Cinnamon Rolls. May he never forget who gives him his favorite rolls.
Here’s a story of a lil’ boy who loves his cinnamon rolls.