Roads and Consequences

“One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.” This is according to Master Oogway. The mentor of Master Shifu who is the mentor of Po the Dragon Warrior in the movie Kung Fu Panda

The way to get to where we want to be is often fraught with thorny details, emotional underpasses, labyrinth of expectations, and blind spots-choices we ought to make and considerations therein. Expectations from ourselves and from our family. Family includes all who take part in our life. It is therefore not easy to traverse any road. To underestimate one road would be to close our eyes to all the underpinnings life means us to meet.

As with life, any road is tricky. We all know that. But have we realized it to stop whining about all life’s thorns? Have we accepted all the thorns and road blocks and obstacles that get in the way. We may be appalled at times, but at the end of the day, we realize there is nothing we can do much but to accept the fact that obstacles are the way of the road. We cannot do anything about all pot holes whenever we pass a road. We cannot do anything not because of incapability but because of mere realization of reality that in every road there must always be pot holes. We cannot blame the engineers who designed the road and the workers who constructed it, for they too had road blocks and humps when they were working on their roads. Pray for wisdom on how to tread a tricky road.

Every journey entails sacrifice. We feel every step that we make for and in behalf of our family. We sacrifice our personal attachment to a particular journey. We sacrifice our own journeys to take the journeys which our family drove us to take. Not because we had a choice, or because we didn’t, but because we just knew we had to. At our expense. We can only take comfort in the fact that someone will be better because we took this journey. We knew that if we didn’t they will get hurt, they will die. We are forced to take journeys not our own, but we embrace these journeys because we offer new hope. We will never stop to do so.

Then there will be our loved ones watching over every step. Much like our own fathers and mothers watching every step that we made after our first ones. Although we have taken the road that they wanted us to take, they will still expect us to travel this road according to how they would traverse it or how they want us to travel it. They will expect us to take the same steps that they did, to take the turn that they took. Then we will think that we have given so much already. So we will stop and contemplate back. We stop and look back not because we want to rebel, or oppose, or go against, but because we want to know we can take this road according to our own game plan. We have to make them realize that because they taught us how to walk, they must let go, and when it is our turn to let go, let us let go.

The turns are unsure. Sometimes there are forks. Most of the time it’s just a left or a right. Most of the time we can go back. Step back. But sometimes there are rules which forbid us to undo the steps we made. Then we are subjected to the journey’s consequences. What if the turns that we take do not guarantee safety of all the things that we hold dear? Will we still take such turns? Then we weigh in all our cards. We weigh in all our baggage. We calculate. We think, “Can I afford to make this turn? Can i afford to make a wrong turn?” In  the end, we have to choose. Howver, whatever turn we make, be sure to do it decisively, with heart. Do not turn back. Every turn you make speaks a hell about you.

u turn

Calculate every turn?

Companions are a must. Journeys are sweeter with travel mates. Have you chosen yours? It is always good to take every step by feeling it and being joyful you took it because you know there is someone two steps behind us, watching us, speaking with us, being careful for us. That at every wrong step they will be there to console us. That at every drop, they will be there to cushion the fall. They may not catch us at every fall, but they will die trying.

All roads are the same. It’s the journey that’s different.

We will be changed by every step, turn, and hump that we will meet.

Find meaning at every step, turn, and hump. When you don’t, you lose the joy of the step. The thrill of the turn. And the freedom of the fall. May you find your destiny on the road you take to get there. At the very first step we already knew where to go. It doesn’t matter anymore if it’s to nowhere. But don’t go to nowhere if it’s not going to bring you any desired result. You must always go somewhere.


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