Not Royal But Royalty

This does not even have to be stated. But for statement’s sake it may still be said- The world is, as of the moment, struck awed by the extent of attention toward British royals because of the royal wedding. Although their relevance is already debatable in this time of modernity where inheritance of power as in dynasties is shunned, the world is still overwhelmed by them and by the fact that the world is overwhelmed.

No doubt, media fueled such admiration, either positively of otherwise. British media outfits, understandably, cover the royal wedding almost obsessively. What is surprising however, is the extent of coverage American media gives this event. Reports say American media already eclipsed the Brits in their coverage of the wedding. Howver, considering average Americans are only short of crowning their own royals – Michael Jackson, Elvis, Britney Spears, Oprah, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber, among others, people should not wonder.

People indeed adore celebrities. That is true everywhere. Let it not be limited to movie actors, performers and entertainers. Religious figures may also be counted, among others, the Pope, evangelists and preachers, super church leaders, and Imams. Politicians are celebrities in their own right as well. These celebrities are no royals but they enjoy the same or at times, even greater attention compared to the royals. Only recently, people even loved vampires and wizards!

There is a thesis that this royal wedding does not deserve all the attention and fascination it is getting. Assuming in arguendo, that it is right, still it cannot be denied that there is reason generated by human nature in admiring the event and the protagonists in this event. Concerts are no different, supporters throng to them. Religious gatherings are no different, believers take pilgrimage to them. Political rallies are no different, affiliates crowd them. So let royal fans enjoy their moment of romance and elation over this wedding.

To forbid them or even to disapprove of them would be to forbid and disapprove of human nature. As emotional and rational beings people find essence in adulation and praise. Extolling reinforces human spirit into becoming transcendent. It is not as simple as looking up to something or someone. Praise is an expression of a need to surpass a current state of being into something greater and worth extolling or praising. When people praise they also hope to attain the state of someone or something they look up to.

To forbid or disapprove of this admiration toward celebrities would be to forbid and disapprove of current institutions in society. For from praise comes respect and vice versa. From praise and respect come conformity to societal structures. That is why we have governments, international organizations, alliances, and states. It is because of this conformity that states and governments came to existence. Of course there is that need for order and security but this could not have been possible without the human nature of praise and respect. Theories on the origins of government boil down to a need from people willing to conform.

Without this awe and attention for celebrities people would also have no awe and attention for leaders. The attention we give toward celebrities and leaders come from the same source and human need albeit differently reasoned and philosophized. It is therefore not marvelous that awe and attention are concentrated on a few. It is part of structure. A triangular scheme of organizations where there are leaders ahead of everyone else. It is primal.

Notice a flock of any avian species. Notice any pride of lions. Notice any herd of wild buffaloes.  There is always someone ahead everyone else is following and looking up to. Human nature is of course way more complex than animal instinct but it cannot be denied that it is basic in human nature and that is not a negative trait. It is simply natural.


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